Invitation to Our Members

On  the evening where the valuable members of our Children Of Our Future Foundation who are always with us with their sensitivity and who have not refrained their help, received their certificate because of their contributions, the art work donated  by Uğur Antik were sold in a mini auction by Mr Cem DAVRAN. The certificates were presented by valuable leading names of politics, business and education.

Mr. Oğuz SATICI who is the Chairman of the Turkish Export Union gave their plaques to Mr. Tayfun KARAALİ- Lawyer, General Manager of Darullaceze and volunteer supporter of our organization Mr. Salih KARA.

Mr Ömer BALİBEY, Providence National Education Administrator gave their plaques to Ms Hande AYDINALP, a valuable member of our organization who takes over most of the care of the children in our foundation, supporters of the foundation since it was founded, Mr. Merih TURAN, Nejat BİÇE and Aslı ERGENÇ.

That night, the youngest, most sensitive and sweetest members of our foundation, Robert College students İpek HAMZAOĞLU, Eylül KAYIN and Tuçe AKSOY donated the money they have raised from the selling the cakes they have made. But they promised to work harder next year to receive a plaque.

İstanbul-Fatih Mayor Mr Dr. Mustafa DEMİR visited our Edirnekapı Kindergarden. He promised that the help that has been made will continue, and kept his word. He gave great support to the maintenance and repair of our Home.

 Summer Vacation Programs

Our foundation that works for the boarding care and education  of children who are in need of production sent 80 of our children who passed their classes with thanks and appraisal, to Sport and Scouting Camp of National Education Ministry in Bursa. They received rewards in many activities and contests there and returned happy.

 To Universities from the Homes
Bodrum Club Flipper Holiday Village gave us a quota on September 2004; and our 22 University student and 20 teachers went on holiday for 10 days.
  New Year’s Party 2005
Our 2005 party was held in Halkalı Boy’s Care Home. Our members gave the sports shoes donated by NIKE and Jeans donated by Red STAR as presents.