Our Goals
As the Children of Our Future Foundation, our goal is to carry out all investments and provide necessary facilities to win into the society our people of all ages with the children who need protection coming first. By meeting all kinds of education and training needs of our children, by creating environments that they can live in a humane way, by establishing educational institutions such as schools, kindergartens, kitchens and refuge houses, we work to contribute to the Turkish people to reach a contemporary level.

  Board of Directors

Müge Çelebican (Başkan), Nurcan Kuzucan (Başk.Yard.), Tayfun Karali, Ali Cankart, Haluk Güremel

  Consultative Committee
Prof. Dr. Ümran Tüzün(Çapa Çocuk Psikiyatri Bölüm Başkanı), Dr. Onur Saltuk Dönmez(Çocuk ve Ergen Psikiyatristi),Sinan Yaman,Av.Onur Gülergin, Enis Rıza Sakızlı, Nurcan Kuzucan, Ümit Hallaç, Özden Duran, Clinic Psc.Didem Mersin Alıcı

     Our Employees