A short story of a day Our Foundation Kindergarden

7:00 There is clamor in the house, everyone wakes up one by one. I don't want to wke up! What a dream it was! What a ( ) dream it was. All of us has gone to fly kites like we did last wee, my kite shaped like a plane climbed the highest up, right up to the sun... What if we didn't go to school today? Noooo! Zerrin said I must go to school and do my lessons to become a doctor. Let me think now.... Welllll.... I think she is right. And I did all my homework last night, I will definitely get a congratulation from my teacher today.

7:45 My school bag is ready, my notebooks, my books are all in it... The service car will come any minute. I like to sit in the front seat with Tolga. We watch the cars. If the driver permitted, I could definitely drive, but they say I must grow up and get a driving license.

8:00 We are at school. We went to our classes with our service friends. I didn't want to come, but I think I like this school ... We learn new things everyday and also my classmates are fun...We play dodgeball at the garden at the breaks, I can catch all the balls thrown.

8:30 The lesson started. The first lesson is Life Sciences. We are to start the 5th Unit today. The teacher explains how we have to behave in school and society, I already try to behave like that... both in school... and at home.

13:30 The school is over for today. I ate everything in my lunch box. My mother had made wonderful sandwiches. Let the service came so we can go home.

14:15 Now I'll eat something and go out to play football. We were beaten very bad last time but we are sure to win today... that is, I hope so. Then I must go straight to the study. I have a lot of homework for tomorrow. I must work very hard, very very hard....

14:47-16:28 Science homework is completed, also the math homework but I can't understand the pool problems. The water fills and drains and how many hours does it take? I will ask Zerrin. She will definitely know.

16:30 The match was not completed and we are 3-2 winning. I must immediately find the ball and get the others. I made one of the goals, they said I play like Hagi... I think so too.

19:30 Time for dinner. There is beans and pilaf for dinner. I love it. Others don't like it but I do, I like any meal my mother cooks... Sezer got 10 today on Life Sciences, bravo...

21:00 We watched the news for a while. There is war... there is economic crises I hope this doesn't effect us. I am very happy here, with my mom and my brothers... Please, please let it not affect us.

22:00 Time to go to bed. My Mom says "Sleep well so you can grow up", could I see the continuation of the dream I so last night? Let's see... everybody is in their beds, I like them very much. Good night to them all. Have nice dreams!