Our mission is to implement, in all the dormitories, the Integrated Child Care System which will help children who need protection overcome the traumas they experienced, to provide them with a living environment where they can pursue their education, and help the society gain physically and emotionally healthy individuals.


Our vision is to ensure that the Integrated Child Care System which we implement in our own dormitories is implemented for all the children who need protection throughout Turkey and at the same time to protect and provide financial and moral support to families of those children who are forced to work in the streets because of financial difficulties and to prevent them from working in the streets

And first and foremost to conduct studies to eliminate the deficiencies in order that all the children grow up in a happy environment and with full self-confidence.

Müge Çelebican (Chairman of the Board)
We thought that it couldn't be and moved on. Although this is a long and narrow road which requires effort, it is our duty to bring them up in the ever best possible manner.

We considered it as one of our most important aims to ensure that they forget the negative events they experienced in their lives before they started living with us, that they feel safe and we established the foundation of a beautiful future for many small hearts.

A child should get prepared for life at home and at school. We have assumed a duty for those who didn't have such rights. We provided them with a warm home where they can live happily, with education possibilities and an environment in which they could express themselves freely.

Our thought, now and always, is Don't Let the Children Work and Live in the Streets. All of us should consider this purpose in priority. Otherwise, we will in the future encounter generations who are ill brought up.

We wish to share this important responsibility together with you.