Social Services, Our Cooperation with General Directorate of Social Services and Child Protection Agency
According to the information made public in the Social Services Symposium organized by the Prime Minister’s Office on 2004, there are nearly 20.000 children in Turkey without any relatives or whose families have broken. This figure is rapidly increasing as a result of industrialization and urbanization and the resources of the state are insufficient the face of this rate. In some recent studies, results have been disclosed that this figure has increased to 40.000 children in need. The state takes care of approximately 17.000 of these children

  How does the state meet these needs?

The General Directorate of Social Services and Child Protection Agency, investigates the children to be taken in to homes by its Social Services Workers, registers them, follows up the family/relatives of the children, visits them and prepares a report. Ways to return the child to the family by supporting the family are investigated. However because of the bureaucracy involved in these services rendered a minimal care for the children can be provided and many details regarding the physical, intellectual and emotional development of the children are not covered. For example there are no psychologists and psychiatrists who are crucial for the development of children (there is no position of permanent staff). However these children need such service being psychologically harmed and in need of support.

  Our Foundation
Our Foundation established in 1997 has built by its own resources three homes in Edirnekapı, Halkalı and Bahçelieveler on Municipality plots donated to our Foundation and transferred these to The General Directorate of Social Services and Child Protection Agency (SHÇEK) within the framework of the protocol signed in 1998. The Foundation is running its services in coordination with SHÇEK in line with legal requirements. A total of 150 children with no families or with broken families taken under protection by the state who have been sent to us are living in our Foundation buildings converted to homes. The living standards of these children are under the responsibility of our Foundation. We have started with the idea that the opportunities provided by the state are not sufficient for the development of the children, apply a system we call Integrated Child Care System (for detail please click on “Our Projects” in our Edirnekapı Home and take care of our children’s need integrated under three topics, physical, emotional and educational and employ the personnel to practice this approach.